Just one connection

Wholesale Messaging is a single interconnect solution offers you global messaging connectivity over a safe and reliable network

Wholesale Messaging is a best choice to achieve global coverage for sending and receiving short messages, reducing operating costs, saving time and avoiding the most costly negotiation of direct interconnection agreements with different carriers worldwide.

The simplicity of Wholesale Messaging service eliminates the need for mobile network operators to negotiate numerous bilateral agreements with other operators around the world by providing a single point for interconnection.
Wholesale Messaging service reduce complexity of interconnections for operators, as well the cost for SMS interworking agreements.

Key Features
•  Connection to over 800 mobile network operators
•  Scalable architecture easily handles peak traffic message delivery
•  Real-time performance monitoring
•  Modern anti-spam and fraud detection controls
•  Interconnection via SMPP and SS7

International Carrier Services

Increased Revenue and Margin

We can use our global voice network to deliver the calls either to your servers or in many cases direct to your customers, which is is ideal for communication providers with high...
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